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TL;DR Jeri to Sao Luis is hard by bus. Try the route Jericoacoara -> Jijoca -> Camocim -> Paranaiba -> Sao Luis Introduction: From Fortaleza to Jericoacoara As my girlfriend and I were traveling from Salvador to Sao Luis we mostly relied on bus connections. Nevertheless we had some difficulties getting from the beautiful town of Jericoacoara to the trip’s last station Sao Luis. Jericoacoara Jericoacoara is a town surrounded by a National Park.
As you man now I work in a research lab. Nearly everyone in our lab needs to do at least some programming. There are trained software engineers next to people how write their first line of code here. As we produce a lot of code that is only scripts not many people used git or any other version control system. For all the good reasons (some are mentioned in the guide) we everybody to learn git in a way that is tradeoff between good version control and fast development.
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TL;DR Hy - Water Teck - Castle nearby Summary: Bad name pun Why the name Hyteck? I am not very good at finding names I really like. My nickname changed several times, I was never able to stick to one. As hard as finding a nickname was finding a domainname for me. Nevertheless I really started to like the name Hyteck. The idea came during a hackathon in Tübingen where two friends and I worked as a team on a project to help elderly adults drinking.
ILMO is my first bigger FOSS-project. It aims at managing small libraries as found in a department of a university. You can finde the project on Github. History: I started to create ILMO for the (rather small) library in the study rooms of mediacal engineering. It contains about 300 books, 120 labcoats and safty glasses and some more stuff. As I was in charge of the lends I started to get annoyed by our paper-based solution.
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Hello world Welcome to my new blog! I don’t know what this will all be about - but I will sort this out. As a start I decided to blog in English, but I can imagine that there will be a mix between English and German in the future. The blog is created with the static site generator HUGO and the theme Nederburg.