Who am I

I am Julian and 22 years old. I studied Medical Engineering in Stuttgart and Tübingen (Germany). Stuttgart AND Tübingen? Yes - as Stuttgart is good in engineering and as Tübingen is in medicin they decided to start the first study program where students are enrolled in two universities.

Right now I am working in the Division for “Functional and Restaurative Neurosurgery” in the University Hospital Tübingen led by Prof. Gharabaghi. In March 2020 I finished my bachelorthesis “Real-time EEG analysis - Phase dependent effects of TMS on MEP” in this lab.

I always lived in Baden-Würrtemberg, as I spend my schooltime in Kirchheim unter Teck.

After work I spend my time with climbing, sailing and work for the students union. Also I do a lot of programming, my biggest project so far is ILMO, an library management tool. Starting with Java, I learned DrRacket (very funny Lisp dialect) for university, and the worked “real” projects with PHP and Python. In the summer 2017 I spend two weeks at an academy doing some machine learning stuff in R. In 2019 I came in contact with programming of real time applications for medical devices and learned Structured Text (a programming language based on pascal focused on programming PLCs) and C.


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Student of Medical Engineering, He/Him