Who am I

I am Julian, 21 years old and currently studying Medical Engineering in Stuttgart and Tübingen (Germany). Stuttgart AND Tübingen? Yes - as Stuttgart is good in engineering and as Tübingen is in medicin they decided to start the first study program where students are enrolled in two universities.

My focus right now is neuroscience, as I am working in the Lab of “Functional and Translational Neurosurgery” led by Prof. Gharabaghi.

I always lived in Baden-Würrtemberg, as I spend my schooltime in Kirchheim unter Teck.

After work I spend my time with climbing, sailing and work for the students union. Also I do a lot of programming, my biggest project so far is ILMO, an library management tool. Starting with Java, I learned DrRacket (very funny Lisp dialect) for university, and the worked “real” projects with PHP and Python. In the summer 2017 I spend two weeks at an academy doing some machine learning stuff in R.


  • E-Mail: julian-samuel@gebuehr.net Public key
  • Matrix: @perdix:matrix.org
  • Threema: 2A724TYR
  • Mastodon: @heimdall@chaos.social
  • Twitter: j-s.gebuehr@twitter.com
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Student of Medical Engineering, He/Him