is my first bigger FOSS-project. It aims at managing small libraries as found in a department of a university. You can finde the project on Github.


I started to create ILMO for the (rather small) library in the study rooms of mediacal engineering. It contains about 300 books, 120 labcoats and safty glasses and some more stuff. As I was in charge of the lends I started to get annoyed by our paper-based solution. Especially when a bunch of people was trying to lend things it took to much time. Also reminding people to return stuff was unnecessary complicated. Therfore I started to programm this library management tool from scratch. I only reused some basic database and session functions. The project is still a field of learning how to do things for me. Nevertheless after about half a year of development and many tests the system went live in Winter 2018. Since then I fill the bugtracker and slowly improve workflows and add functions.


Of course the program is open-source and licensed under GPLv3.


Right now there is no public available demo but if you are interested I will lead you the way to my test server.

Using ILMO

You know someone who could use somthing like this? I would love to see this software in more libraries. Right now the programm is optimized to the needs of our student union but I would be happy to work more on this.

Student of Medical Engineering, He/Him