This is a non extensive list of services I offer. All services are hosted in Germany and come with monitoring of service uptime.

Library management

The library management software ILMO is devoloped by me. It is a perfect tool for the managment of small to middle-sized librarys. It offers user management, reminders on loans and an easy borrow procedure. The software is open source so you can host it yourself. If you do not want the hassle of self hosting I offer managed hosting.


I offer livestreams for online talks. During the global COVID pandemic, a lot of lectures, seminars and talks had to be held online. I want to offer you a way to still reach and interact with people while maintaining a high level of data protection. This is what Owncast in combination with other solutions offers: Just reach out and we can discuss a concept that will work for you!

List of all services

I host some services that are publicly available, only for friends or private. Get in touch if you want me to host this exclusivly for yourself or your organization.

Service Zugang Status
Nextcloud Auf Anfrage Produktiv
Grafana Privat Produktiv
Prometheus Privat Produktiv
Influx DB Privat Produktiv
Funkwhale Auf Anfrage Produktiv
Owncast Auf Anfrage Produktiv
ILMO Test auf Anfrage Testing
Matrix (Synapse, Element) Auf Anfrage Testing
BigBlueButton Öffentlich Beendet April 21
Mincraft Auf Anfrage Offline (Log4J)


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