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10 November 2023 /
I recently stumbled upon OxiTraffic, a self-hosted, simple and privacy respecting website traffic tracker which is well suited for blogs. What that means is No personal data is logged one binary or simple docker container Readers are only counted if they spend >20s per site As I currently have no analytics on my blog and I am not inclined to use anything that adds more than 2 sentences to my privacy disclaimer I thought I give it a try.
16 July 2023 /
Hosting Static Sites with Traefik and Static Web Server Traefik is amazing to host complex services like with containers. On the other hand it’s harder than you’d think to host a simple static html site. I wanted to share my current approach that is based on Static Web Server Project. Static Web Server (SWS) Static Web Server (or SWS abbreviated) is a simple and really fast web server with the goal to serve static web files or assets.