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07 July 2023 /
This article is about monitoring some IoT devices (e.g. a CO2 sensor) with a combination of Mosquitto (a MQTT broker), Telegraf (a metric collector), InfluxDB (a time-series database) and Grafana (for displaying everything nicely). All mentioned services should run on a server that can be reached from the monitoring device(s) and your PC where you want to check the data. We will use MASH (see below) to deploy the services.
01 January 2021 / / English
I had some IoT devices that I wanted to integrate in my monitoring. For this I set up a MQTT broker as the MQTT protocol is a simple solution to send data from IoT devices to a server. This tutorial is focusing on setting up the server, but I also introduce a Python based MQTT client to test our installation. On your server, first install mosquitto, our MQTT server/broker. sudo apt-get install mosquitto Allow standard mqtt port in firewall (if you have ufw installed)