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01 January 2021 / / English
I had some IoT devices that I wanted to integrate in my monitoring. For this I set up a MQTT broker as the MQTT protocol is a simple solution to send data from IoT devices to a server. This tutorial is focusing on setting up the server, but I also introduce a Python based MQTT client to test our installation. On your server, first install mosquitto, our MQTT server/broker. sudo apt-get install mosquitto Allow standard mqtt port in firewall (if you have ufw installed)
23 July 2020 / / english
Although physical meetings are not possible, many groups and organizations are dependent on multilingual meetings. In videoconferencing, concepts such as a whispered translation are not intuitive. Therefore a friend and I have developed a concept for translation in videoconferencing. The concept was planned for a conference with 80 participants who will discuss and make decisions over two days either in large groups or in sub-groups. The videoconferencing software that was used was BigBlueButton (BBB).