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23 October 2022 /
Use Case You have one (or more) servers at a hosting provider and a raspberry pi at home. You want to have an offsite backup of the websites, apps and databases at home. Prerequesits You configure your raspberry pi to be reachable from the internet using DynDNS. In the following we assume that it is reachable at offsite.example.com. Preparing your backup raspberry pi We want to make sure that backups on the raspberry pi can come from multiple sources and one source can not delete another.
01 January 2021 / / English
I had some IoT devices that I wanted to integrate in my monitoring. For this I set up a MQTT broker as the MQTT protocol is a simple solution to send data from IoT devices to a server. This tutorial is focusing on setting up the server, but I also introduce a Python based MQTT client to test our installation. On your server, first install mosquitto, our MQTT server/broker. sudo apt-get install mosquitto Allow standard mqtt port in firewall (if you have ufw installed)
23 July 2020 / / english
Although physical meetings are not possible, many groups and organizations are dependent on multilingual meetings. In videoconferencing, concepts such as a whispered translation are not intuitive. Therefore a friend and I have developed a concept for translation in videoconferencing. The concept was planned for a conference with 80 participants who will discuss and make decisions over two days either in large groups or in sub-groups. The videoconferencing software that was used was BigBlueButton (BBB).