Why Hyteck


  • Hy - Water
  • Teck - Castle nearby
  • Summary: Bad name pun

Why the name Hyteck?

I am not very good at finding names I really like. My nickname changed several times, I was never able to stick to one. As hard as finding a nickname was finding a domainname for me.

Nevertheless I really started to like the name Hyteck. The idea came during a hackathon in Tübingen where two friends and I worked as a team on a project to help elderly adults drinking. We the decided on the teamname HyHack (Hy for Hydration).

What we first did was not so High - Tech (I will post about this sometime), yet we called it that.

I later chenged the Tech to Teck which is a local castle (my hometown is called Kirchheim under Teck) that in the german pronounciation is a Homophone of Tech.

The Hy stayed as I always had a close connection to water.

I feel like I overexplained this a bit, so poor you if you read till the end.

Have a

Student of Medical Engineering, He/Him