Cactus comments via Matrix


Following the quickstart documentation I tried to add cactus comments to this blog. I currently rely on infrastructure by as I do not host a private synapse server.

I currently implemented this as a shortcode with hard-coded site title and a variable room name.

Quickstart with HUGO

Register your site

There is a registration system, that ensures that you are moderater in your comment section(s). I order to register your site you have to send a message to . First try help to ensure that the bot answers you, then register your site e.g. register hyteck. The bot should inform you of success and add you to a moderation room.

Embedd comment section via Shortcode

HUGO, the static site generator I use, has an option to use shortcodes that provide a nice interface to hide some HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The shortcode chat.html must be added to layouts/shortcodes/ and looks like this

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css">
<div id="comment-section"></div>
  node: document.getElementById("comment-section"),
  defaultHomeserverUrl: "",
  serverName: "",
  siteName: "hyteck",
  commentSectionId: "{{ index .Params 0 }}"

If you want to use this, replace the site name with the one you registered in the previous step.

You can then use it as simple as

{{< chat cactus-comments >}}

where cactus-comments is the name of the chatroom. You can decide if you want to create a new one for each post (change the name to somthing like the post title) or if you want to use only one (keep the same name).


I try to make a comment with my main matrix account, so that I am automatically joined to the room (tbh. I don’t know if this is necessary). Then I organize the rooms by adding them to a private space.

Element screenshot


CW: Homophobia, Slur

The community in the official chat seemed helpful and nice. Nevertheless I want to mention, that the first time I tried the demo page a user (that does not seem to be associated with the develoipment or involved in the community) insulted me with a homophobic slur. The “reason” behind this were the prounouns I had in my name. I reported the comment and it was removed by a moderator. The moderator made it clear that this behaviour is agains the Code of Conduct and that the user is not active in the community. For me this is a very good indication of a functioning community, cheers!


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