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16 September / / English / me
TL;DR Hy - Water Teck - Castle nearby Summary: Bad name pun Why the name Hyteck? I am not very good at finding names I really like. My nickname changed several times, I was never able to stick to one. As hard as finding a nickname was finding a domainname for me. Nevertheless I really started to like the name Hyteck. The idea came during a hackathon in Tübingen where two friends and I worked as a team on a project to help elderly adults drinking.
14 September / / me / English
Hello world Welcome to my new blog! I don’t know what this will all be about - but I will sort this out. As a start I decided to blog in English, but I can imagine that there will be a mix between English and German in the future. The blog is created with the static site generator HUGO and the theme Nederburg.